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Related post: Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 17:28:19 -0500 (EST) From: FrereJaques Subject: On My Knees In Athens: Prologue and Chapter OneWarning: This story contains descriptions of sex between consenting men. If you are underage or underage penetrate lolita videos are offended by homosexual material, leave now. All characters are completely fictional, and no implication of or allusion to actual persons is intended. No reproduction of this story lolita hot young lesbians is allowed without permission. I've combined the Prologue and the first Chapter -- ideally, the story will continue in further chapters. I'm new to all this, so I'd preteen lolita pics thumbnails love any feedback. Send all comments to the vergin tiny lolita sex above address. Thanks, and enjoy...*************************** Prologue -- Convincing Coach ***************************Urgent, high-pitched gasps -- yelps, almost -- escaped super young lolita site his throat as preteen lolitas, top lolitas his knees began to give out. tiny virgin pussy lolita A surprising response in so gruff a man. His hips were bucking so violently I was genuinely worried he would fall on top of me, but his hands found the edge of the sturdy wooden desk just in time."Oh fuck, Logan--" he began, but seemed to quickly change his mind as his breath caught in his throat. It was too late to correct the mistake. His whole body flexed and his thrusting stopped as I felt the first shot hit the roof of my mouth. Making an executive decision about how best to win him over, I pulled him out of my mouth and aimed him at my right cheek. I stroked quickly and firmly as, in perfect silence, he rewarded me with two or board loli pic tgp three more sizeable spurts across my face, followed lolita sex party pass by a dribble that slid over my thumb and landed on the carpet between his feet. Only then did his breathing resume, in the form of loud gasps.Gently fondling him, I looked up in search of a reaction. He was around 5'8", 180 pounds. cp pre lolita paysites Though he was pushing 40, his body nude babies lolitas free looked like it had once resembled those of the young men he trained. His shoulders were broad, his back strong and his arms thick. The belly emerging from his t-shirt, however, betrayed his years spent not in the pool, but on the deck calling out commands. Neither pot-bellies nor the middle-aged men sporting them are my cup of tea, but larger things were at stake. I looked him straight in the eye, reached out with my tongue and teased the last drop from him, hoping to cement my position on the team."So, do I get the pre teen lolita com job?" I non nude sexy lolitas asked.He didn't answer. All he could manage was a sort of noisy wheezing, and he was still clinging to the edge of his desk. I took this boy gay lollitas underage as a good sign.I gently folded his softening dick back into his shorts and carefully fastened his pants. I stood up and faced him."Look," I said. "I am qualified for this job. And we both know you couldn't disagree with me even if you could breathe right now. You also know how stressed those guys get before a meet. What better cure for stress than a hot blowjob and a good hard cum? These boys are too busy for girlfriends, and besides: no girlfriend deserves to be treated as a pre-swim stress reliever. Right?""Sure," he murmured. Still trying to catch his breath, he practically fell into the black leather chair behind his desk."I am proposing that you hire me for exactly that purpose," I asserted, wiping the cum off my face with the kleenex he kept on his desk. "No, `hire' is the wrong word because I'm not asking you to pay me anything. All I'm asking for is the enjoyment of doing for these guys what I just did for you. lolitas 27 mujeres sexo Think of it as my opportunity to provide a well needed service to my country and its athletes."The racing of his heart still showing in his neck, he sat back and laid his hands over his belly. Try as they might, they toplist 100 loli model did little to hide its corpulence -- much less his labored breathing. He fixed me with the best intimidating stare he could muster. With neater clothes and a tidier desk he might have pulled off the "unconvinced" look he was going for. But I knew better. The flush was leaving his cheeks, but beads of sweat lingered at his temples. I know the effects of my work on other men. I held my ground.Finally, he smiled."Listen, Blake..." He shook his head slowly as he said it.I knew I'd won. But just in case, I added, "Mr. Morden, if you let me do this, I won't tell anyone what you said as you shot your load all over me."Now we both knew I'd won."Blake, Blake, Blake," he crooned, as though repeating my name might undo the mistake he'd made. As though it might erase the other name he'd called, the one that nymphets pre lolita top still hung lolita sex top lists in the air, mingling with banned nude lolita pics the smell of sweat and semen. His smile widened. "I'll talk to the boys. Why don't you meet me here at three p.m. on Thursday, and we'll see if we can't lolitats bbs gone wild work something out.""Thank you, Mr. Morden," I said, barely restraining the gleeful swelling in my throat. "You won't be disappointed.""Thursday, Blake. Don't be late."As I closed the office door, I wondered, How will the guys respond to the idea? I wasn't worried: I knew how they'd respond to the treatment.But a more interesting question rumanian lolita nude gallery lurked at the back of my mind. I searched my memory, but nothing came up. Morden obviously thought pretty highly of him. And what an interesting name...Logan...********************** Chapter One -- Before and After **********************There are many great pleasures to be had while showering. Particularly when showering at a pool where Olympic-level swimmers are trained.It was Wednesday night: the night before my big follow-up meeting with Coach Morden. Too distracted to be productive, I headed for the gym to blow off some steam. I had a good, hard workout, and was standing at my locker when I heard one of the showers turn on. Thought I'd take a peek in on my way to the urinals, just to see who it was. Hey -- I've never claimed to be subtle. It's a good thing I looked, too, because upon seeing what awaited me, I decided to skip the pee and head straight in to clean up.Standing there, shrouded in the soft focus of locker-room steam, was Jacob. I stepped under a shower on the opposite lolita girls + forum wall and watched him close his eyes, tilt his head back and pull his hands through nudist lolita teen young his short, black hair. I grabbed my shampoo and started lathering up as I watched the water pour down over his face and neck, collecting in a stream that flowed over his shoulders and around his ample chest, feeding rivers that ran between the ridges of his little lolitas up skirt abdomen. He wore a young lolita underware pics trunk-cut swimsuit -- think boxer briefs' teensy, spandex cousin -- and it was soaked and clinging to him; the lolita movie gallery post strong diagonal lines cutting across his hips dipped below the waistband, coyly inviting me to index young sex lolita come along. He was just covered enough, as though a compromise had been reached between the senseless prude overwhelmed by the perfection of his nude body and the loving sculptor who couldn't bear to part russian lolita sex gallery with a single curve or crevice. The suit gave way to two of the shapeliest, most powerful looking legs I have ever seen.I would once have argued that this might be the greatest pleasure to be had while showering: enjoying an unobstructed child hard lolita porn view of Jacob, the star of the Olympic swim team.After Monday's events in Coach Morden's office, however, I knew that the best was yet to come.Let me bring you up to speed here. I've always loved the water. I was in swimming lessons before I could walk; lolitas gallery preview boy I've been on lolita 13 yo links teams since as I was ten. I wasn't the fastest kid in the pool, but my boundless enthusiasm was matched only by my massive stamina. I could swim for hours, revelling in every stroke. That's why I kept it up. Well, that and the fact that somewhere in my adolescence I nude lolita girl thumbnails realised that being a swimmer had benefits beyond getting exercise and participation credits. About the time I started noticing how hot boys were, I also noticed how much hotter they were when dark colection bbs loli they swam a lot. At the tender age of fifteen, after my first time -- yes, svens place board lolita with one of the other swimmers, and yes, in the locker room after practice -- I vowed always to maintain close relationships with swim teams. This, I figured, would allow me to spend the rest little boys and lolitas of my life around extremely hot, naked and nearly-naked men.And true to my vow, here I was, facing the underage penetration lolita videos pinnacle of male perfection; watching him run his soapy hands all over his soft, tan skin; imagining the taste of those traps and those biceps; and rapidly losing hope of concealing the ever-growing problem between my legs.I turned around. Think un-sexy thoughts, right? Ah, yes. Monday afternoon with Coach Morden. There's nothing quite like giving head to someone completely repulsive. The way he leered at me as he told me to "demonstrate my qualifications." The stink of his crotch as he opened his pants and shoved his dick in my face. The way he barked curse teens preteens lolitas pics words at me as I sucked him, his beer-gut staring down at me as if making sure I was doing my job. Not sweets teen lolitas top to mention the taste he left in my mouth -- I'd only swallowed one under 18 lolita model shot, and yet I had to brush my teeth twice to remove his essence of leftover protein, caffeine and nicotine.Well. Doesn't get much un-sexier than that. My dick dormant once more, I thought I'd sneak another peek at the Adonis across the room. He was now facing away from me, and the water was rushing down over his broad, smooth back, stopping by to pay its respects to his lolitas panty sweet child beautiful, suit-clad butt before crashing to the floor. This made up for Monday. Despite the odds, Morden pic posing preteen lolita had received one of the best blowjobs in my long history of cocksucking, and from the sounds of things, pre teen ebony lolita it had landed me the job of my dreams. Soon, I would be providing my dear Jacob -- not to mention his teammates -- the care they deserved.I wondered how they'd all react. real pics lolita incest penetradas duras lolitas photos I looked at myself ls model images lolita as I rinsed the soap off. I'm no Jacob, but I do keep in shape. Standing nearly six feet tall, slim and lean at 170 pounds, I make a pretty convincing swim-team-look-alike. tiny lolita nude models That is, barring the fact that I don't bother to get rid of my body hair. Too much work, I say. I'm no Sasquatch, but I'm a long way from Teen Beat posterboy. Still, most of the guys on the team were straight as far as I could tell, so it was unlikely that my young beauties loli bbs child lolita model index looks would win them over. Fortunately, I was confident that talent and dedication would.Suddenly, Jacob's eyes caught mine. My throat closed. Carefully concealing my heart just below my Adam's apple, I gave him a quick nod and looked away. I grabbed lollita underaged girls nude the shampoo and started lathering up again -- hey, lots of people wash their hair twice. As I busied myself with my tresses, I caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye. He was soaping up again, too, running his hands over his chest and stomach, pedo lolitas porno children lolitas preteen asian nude massaging the muscles that strained against his taut skin. Then the fingers on his left hand disappeared into the suit. I could see the cords in his forearms flexing as he played with himself.I could also see that he was still looking at me.Since my heart was now somewhere in the vicinity of my tonsils -- and my cock was rapidly rising to meet it pictures lolitas bbs nude -- I decided that it might be a good idea to find a towel before I got myself into trouble. I reached for the tap.It was his thumbs that stopped me. They had tucked themselves into the suit and were working their way towards the floor. My brain was ordering an immediate retreat, but an alliance of eyes and hormones was making a play for control, and my mutinous lolita nymphets nubiles preteen feet had made their choice. Wild horses, man, I tell you.I stood there, letting the hot water pour over pre nubile lolita sex me as Jacob inched his swimsuit down over his apparently hairless lolita in high heels groin. The lines across his hips got longer lolita model lotion massage and closer together, and I could just see the divot at the base of his cock peeking out from between them. I almost cried out when his thumbs suddenly stopped: evidently his skimpy 7 14 loli pics trunks were too small to make it over the curve of his butt. He slipped his soapy hands around behind himself to release his cheeks from their restraints; he worked gently, as though coaxing a skittish animal out of hiding.Once his butt was liberated, he looked down at his half-exposed groin, grasped the front of his suit with his left hand and russian junior lolita video pulled it away from his body. His right hand hovered, undecided, over his abdomen. By this point I had given up all pretence of showering. I watched, transfixed, as he reached in and pulled out a few inches russian lolita underage model of semi-hard cock. He looked up at me and paused again. I didn't look back: my eyes were riveted to his crotch.Nobody moved. The water slid down his arm, over the ripples in his biceps and forearms into the palm of his hand, as if drawn there by the same force that drew every speck of my attention.His zeps lolita free forum voice cut through the drone of falling water."You're Blake, aren't you?"The sound of my name shattered my trance, and reality crashed down on me like a giant anvil on a Looney Tunes character. I thought my legs would give out, but I forced lolo nn model gallery myself to meet his eyes."Ye--yeah," I croaked. His crystal blue irises bore holes in my brain. "How do you know my name?""Coach told me about you. I hear you have lolita asian school girls a... meeting tomorrow afternoon." His emphasis on preteen lolita naked pussy the word meeting implied that he knew the reason for said meeting. Did he know about Monday, too? I began to see through haze of bewilderment: he makes a big show of taking out his cock, teen lolita young top and then tells me he knows about Morden ..."Ye--yeah," I repeated, my heart racing. "F--four o'clock, I think.""Three, actually. He told me to come along; says he wants my two cents. But, uh..." His lips curled into an irresistible little smile as he glanced suggestively at his crotch. "I prefer to try something out before making judgments."I swallowed hard, summoned all the bravado I could muster and matched his gaze for the first time. Better to meet him at his terms, I thought. "And I prefer to examine the goods before making lolita top little porn offers."Look, preteen naked lolita sites it wasn't clever, but lol teen bbs ls it was the best I could manage. He chuckled.He must have been fondling himself through this exchange because when I looked down at his dick it seemed larger, and another inch or so had escaped the confines of his trunks. His hand delved deeper, he wrapped his fingers around his growing member, and at last, he pulled it out.It continued to grow as he held it there, gently massaging it with his right hand. He made a sweep of his chest with his left hand, gathering some suds and depositing them between his legs. He worked the lather over his cock, stroking firmly as though trying to squeeze as much blood into it as he could. He used both hands: now jerking with one and holding his balls with the other, now grasping his meat in both palms and kneading it with his slender fingers.I could tell he 16yo preteen lola collection was proud of his piece. It wasn't the biggest one I'd ever seen -- probably six and a half inches long and moderately thick -- but it was gorgeous. He worked it with care as I watched him: his tanned forearms bulged as he tugged; his chiselled abs rose and fell with his breathing; his sturdy legs formed a powerful foundation for a living sculpture of inconceivable beauty.He crossed his arms over his chest, letting his dick hang there in all its glory. It was a beautiful cock. lolitas 10 years anal Cut and perfectly straight, it stuck out about forty-five degrees lolita top 199 tgp from his belly. He looked up at me and raised an eyebrow. Still feigning composure, I met his gaze.I took a mental snapshot of Jacob in that moment. It remains a highly prized treasure in the album lolita teen chil love of my memories. Underneath it in my mind is written the single word, "Before".My eyes never left his as I swivelled, turned off my shower, and crossed the room. I stopped less than a foot from where he stood. I reached forward with my right hand and tentatively ran my middle finder down the groove between his crotch and his hip. As I snuck my fingertips under the waistband of his trunks, I touched his ball sac with my thumb. My heart skipped a beat, but he didn't flinch. I raised my other hand and gently ran my fingers up the underside of his shaft, my knees nearly giving out at the feel of his hard dick. He gave me a cocky smile, but he still didn't flinch. I wanted some evidence that models lolly free bbs he was enjoying this -- I wanted to tease him the way he'd teased me -- but he wasn't having any of it and that made me even crazier with lust. I wrapped my hand around the head of his dick and squeezed lightly, sliding it slowly downward over the shaft. Finally, as my palm ran over the sensitive underside of his swollen head, he let out rusian lolitas baja ereccion the tiniest of gasps.That was secret preteen loli videos it. I couldn't take it any longer. I grabbed his trunks with both my hands and pulled them off as I dropped to my knees in front of him. Before I even reached the floor, I took his head between my lips. Once he'd stepped out of the suit and I'd tossed the vile thing away, lol pussy tiny image I took hold of his shaft with my left hand. I ran my tongue over his sensitive bits, licking up the underside of the shaft and around his crown. The hot, slightly soapy taste of his meat set the blood to pounding in my ears. My own cock was throbbing between my legs but I knew I was liable to shoot if I so much as touched it. Instead, I ran my right hand over his xxx underage lolitas video rock-hard stomach, revelling in the smooth skin and the ridges between his abs as I worked his cock. I jerked it with my hand, teased it with my tongue and sucked it for all I was worth.The feel xxx young lolitas teens of his cock was incredible: so hard and straight in my hand, so hot and nena loli pre teen smooth in my mouth. Its warmth radiated against my tongue, making me want more of him inside me. I bore down on him until my nose pressed against his hairless crotch. I held it there for a moment, enjoying the feel of his pulse in the back of my throat. I began sucking hard and slowly inched my lips up the shaft of his dick as I pulled lightly on his ball sac. I stroked the underside of his head with my tongue and then pulled my lips off his cock. I opened wide and took the whole of his shaft again, burying his head once more in the depths of my throat, and again slowly pulled lolita bbs best gallerys my tight lips off of it. I repeated the process, deep-throating, sucking and receding; he rewarded me with a sharp amature mexican lolita girls intake of breath 14yo lolita models girls every time his head popped out of my mouth.I looked up at him, wrapped both hands around his cock, and started milking it as I'd seen him do. He was enjoying the treatment. His broad, muscled chest was rising 7 15 lolitanude pics and falling in time with his quickening breathing, his abs tightened in mild spasms as I worked his pleasure centres, and his eyes were closed. He was probably imagining I was some girl, but I couldn't have lost cp lolita pics cared less. In fact, all my cares evaporated when, as I opened my throat to receive him once more, he placed his hands on the back of my head and began thrusting his hips into my face. He didn't start slowly or anything, either; he just started ramming his cock into my mouth. I gagged a couple nudist preteen lolitas bbs of times before I regained control of my reflex and took the face-fucking like a champ. I grabbed his bbs lolita portal series hard ass cheeks and held on for dear life. I couldn't hear anything as he slammed into free russian lolita toplist me but the blood in my brain and the low, persistent moans he had begun to emit.He ploughed me like that for what felt like hours. His gasps and moans increased in volume and frequency as he fucked me, as he laced his fingers through the hair on the back of my head for a better grip. Between the shower-water running down into my face and the large piece of meat repeatedly blocking my throat, I think I was actually on the verge of drowning. I pressed on his hip with one hand and made a fist around his shaft with the other, thereby managing to slow his thrusting. I made a pretty seamless transition from sucking to jerking, and pulled my lips off his dick to catch my breath. I met his eyes as he looked down at me. I'm not convinced the face of god could be any more beautiful."Oh fuck, man, don't stop now," he managed between grunts. His fingers were still little lolita creampie thumbnails clutching my hair and he was still thrusting, fucking my fist has he had my mouth. "I'm gonna blow!"I will never forget the urgency in his crystal blue eyes, or how fucking crazy it made me. I leaned into it, wrapping my lips around his head once more, and sucking with everything I had. While loli dorki lolita lolitas I jerked his shaft into my mouth with my left hand, I decided to answer the plea of my aching cock. I took hold of it with my pre teen russian lolitas right and began stroking very slowly, pulling the foreskin of my uncut dick up over the head, squeezing, and pulling it back down. I could only afford about one stroke every ten seconds because the cum was boiling in my balls and I knew how little it would take to push me over the brink.I squeezed his dick hard and pressed it against my tongue as he continued to thrust into my mouth. I sucked with all my lolita girlie model pics might as his hips bucked more and more furiously. His right hand let go of my hair as he leaned on my shoulder, to compensate for the shaking in his legs. His grunts got louder and quicker, and I could tell he was nearing release."Oh fuck, man--oh fuck! That's so good--oh, so close... Fuck--"That was my cue. little boy lolita I took the hand off my cock, reached up and tugged on his balls. I pulled firmly downward as I jerked him into my mouth."Oh fuck--that's it! Agh--"At the peak of his final thrust, his entire body became solid as a rock. His balls pulled up into his crotch and he began to unload his cum. I swear, if I had let him go, he would have shot clear across the room -- but nothing in this world could have convinced me to let go of that cock. I just kept on jerking him into my mouth, feeling spurt after spurt as he filled me with his hot, bitter juices. I sucked and sucked; I tried to swallow as much as I could, but he shot at least nine times. My poor little mouth couldn't contain it all and some of his cum slipped out between my lips and dribbled down over my chin.All this was too much for me. As soon as I'd swallowed his first shot, I let go of his balls and started little naked nymphet lolitas pounding my cock. Within four strokes, I started to climax, and Jacob's continued shooting into my mouth pushed me completely over teen models nn lolas the edge. The mingled sensations of the water pouring over me, the cock in my mouth, the spunk in my gullet and the pain in my knees picked me up and dropped me into one of the most intense orgasms of my life. It lasted at least fifteen euphoric seconds, and I think the force of my repeated shooting made a crack in the tiled wall behind where Jacob was standing.When I came to my senses, Jacob's dick was softening in my hand, his cum was dripping down my face, and his weight was on my shoulders. Apparently he was too exhausted 10yo young lol models to stand. He was nearly doubled over, his ass braced against the wall and his hands gripping me as though he might fall. We stayed that way for nearly a minute, our ragged breathing the only sound apart from the perpetual falling water.Finally, he regained some of his strength and leaned back against the wall. Though my knees were glad of the respite, I missed the feeling of his weight on me. With some difficulty, I stood and shook my legs out a bit. Jacob was still just standing there, propped up against the wall. His eyes were closed, and his whole body was trembling in the wake of his release.I was just thinking how beautiful it would be to hold his hard, wet body against mine and press my lips to his, letting him taste himself in my mouth, when he opened his eyes. preteen lolita model russian He just looked at me for a second, lolita nude pay sites his face a mask of exhausted pleasure.I took another mental snapshot. In my album, it sits on the page facing the one I took earlier, and is imageboard bbs 18ban lolitas even more prized than its counterpart. The title of this one is, quite simply, "After".In silence, Jacob stepped away from the wall and walked over to where I'd thrown his trunks."Well," he said, stooping to pick them up. "I'll see you tomorrow.""Tomorrow?" I asked."I told you. Your meeting with Morden. I think he'll be lolitas top site bbs pleased to hear what I've got to say.""Oh banned top nude lolitas right... So will I, I hope," I ventured.Grinning, he turned and strutted out of the room. I watched his broad, glistening back as he walked away.After he'd gone, I turned to face the shower and adjusted the taps. I stood under the cold water, letting lolita girl bbs models it rinse off the cum and sweat. The chill rejuvenated my spent body and discouraged my cock, which was already swelling again, this time in anticipation of my imminent acceptance to the team, not to mention my introduction to the rest of the boys.
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